Rap God of Hip Hop



  • Sat, May 01
    Location is TBD
    May 01, 7:00 PM
    Location is TBD
    DEEN AKBAR performing live - Secret location. Limited Tickets. The Go Show Live Recording. May 1st 2021 Doors open at 7 open bar and food till 8 or exausted. BYOB showtime at 9 LIVE MUSIC, COMEDY, DANCE, AND ART.

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Deen Akbar 'Rap God', born in the 90's during the Renaissance of the Golden Era, he's an acclaimed Hip Hop Artist from the Southside of Chicago. He wrote his first verse at 8 yrs old, and been creating ever since. Since 13 yrs old, he's participated in many open mics, battles and event competitions. Deen Akbar always came out on top with his rapid lyricism, prolific algorithm, unique styles, rhymes, punches, metaphors, similes, riddles, schemes, unorthodox teachings, etc. During these devastating times of the Covid-19 taking effect, the looting, stimulus packaging, witnessing police brutality, and black on black killing, Chicago Protest Marches, he 'Rap God' plans to restore Hip Hop to it's essence providing guidance, truth, pain, struggle, knowledge of self and intellect thru his wordplay. Unification is his thought. He has made his mark in the city as the 'Rap God' of Rap/Hip Hop, and now he's on his way to becoming the greatest alive in the Hip Hop industry and provide the essence to the Universe. Deen Akbar 'Rap God' have overcome countless obstacles on the way up throughout his career, and continue to work intricate each and every day to keep his musical journey moving forward success. He has very much content to provide to the People. #NoPork #ChicagoArtist #DeenAkbar #RapGod #HipHop #Rap #Southside






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